From Green Infrastructure to
Green Economy

03 October 2024

The 10th International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development

from green infrastructure to green economy

We learned about green infrastructure to benefit the economy in many ways. Investment in green infrastructure can yield higher economic growth compared to traditional infrastructure investments. Green infrastructure promotes sustainability, innovation, and efficiency that leads to increased productivity (energy-efficient buildings, lower business costs). Besides, it may create innovative jobs across various sectors and opportunities to invest in green infrastructure (energy, transportation, waste, and water management conservation) would spur economic growth. Moreover, green and blue infrastructure would enhance public health, improve climate change resiliency, and reduce potential damage to the economy.

However, there are barriers to protecting and building our green infrastructure and transforming the existing economy. Given the fact that our green and blue infrastructure are degrading, and depleting, and given that we are working with economic, technical, social, and institutional barriers. Therefore, we want to learn the lessons of innovations, knowledge, and skills to build and manage green infrastructure that best support green economy transformation.

We cordially invite you to the international conference on “FROM GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE TO GREEN ECONOMY this October 2024. This is the Tenth annual international conference sponsored by the Sustainable Urban Development Program (SUD) at the Vietnamese-German University (VGU). The agenda this year centers on understanding how to build/protect and make green infrastructure to mutually benefit the green economy transformation. Key discussion topics could include understanding the issues and learning innovative approaches and solutions to make it happen on both urban and regional scales.

Come to join us on October 3rd, 2024, to share and learn together. Thanks to the sponsorship from FNF (Friedrich Naumann Foundation Vietnam) and Vietnamese-German University (VGU), we could organize this event and publish selected conference papers in a special volume by the National University Publisher in 2024.


The sub-themes can be (but not limited to)

• Smarter Urban Growth and Green Economy
• Green and Blue Infrastructure
• Green Buildings and Construction
• Circular Economy
• Green Logistics Transformation
• Water and Green Economy
• Sustainable Food & Agriculture
• Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
• Carbon/Green Credit for Green Infrastructure
• Green Policy Infrastructure for Green Growth

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Key dates & Deadline

15 August 2024

Topic Registration

30 August 2024

Presentation Invitation

25 September 2024

Full Paper Submission

03 october 2024

Conference Date

Submission guidelines

The conference is seeking submissions related to the mentioned conference topics. Other related topics will also be considered. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Board. If abstract is accepted, author agrees to send full text paper, including results, tables, figures and references. All submissions should report original and previously unpublished research results no matter the type of research paper you are presenting. 

Manuscripts should meet the format set by the Conference committee and are subject to review.

Presentation & Publication

The text should be in English

Presentation & Publication

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File format

For full paper: MS.Word - Compatible file

For presentation: MS. Powerpoint - Compatible file

Oral presentation

The presentation should be around 15 minutes

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The Sponsor

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a German foundation devoted to the promotion of liberal principles and to political education, both in Germany and abroad. FNF opened its office in Vietnam in September 2012, as a part of FNF Southeast and East Asia. With a wide range of topics: Provincial Competitiveness Index, Free Trade Agreements, Social Market Economy, Education and Smart City, FNF Vietnam conducts economic researches, organizes seminars, conferences, capacity building activities, and education exchanges.