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Dr. Tran Vu Tu is working at Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology and Education as a Vice Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He achieved a doctoral degree in Transportation Engineering at Nagaoka University of Technology in Japan. His research interests are traffic engineering, traffic simulation, Transit Priority System, network analysis, and sustainable solutions. He has published numerous journals and proceedings as well as co-authored research papers in the related fields.


Effect of Motorcycle Types on Noise Pollution and Dust Concentration

The motorcycle dominated flow in Vietnam has caused negative effects on traffic flow such as traffic accident, traffic jam and environment issues like noise pollution and dust concentration as well. In this research, the authors conducted monitoring of dust concentration and noise level caused by types of motorcycle travelling in urban roads in Binh Duong province. Based on the collected data analysis, a comparison of emissions and average sound level among motorcycle models is proposed. The emission coefficient of PM10 dust concentration observed in this research is compared with that in the previous ones. To investigate the emission for an actual case, the paper then conducted a analytical method to evaluate the emissions caused by vehicles on a real-world arterial road in Binh Duong province of Vietnam. The research result shows the total amount of emission on the study road in one hour as well as the comparison of the emission amount when applying the coefficient value proposed in this paper and in previous study. The research results give a better view of the impact of emissions on the environment, aiming to a smart city using smokeless transport.