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Mr. Julien Brun

Founder & Managing Partner, CEL

About the Speaker

Julien Brun is Founder and Managing Partner at CEL. He has been advising Multinational Companies around the world (Asia, South America, Africa, Oceania) for the last 15 years in areas such as Route-To-Market, Network Optimisation, Demand-Supply Alignment, Demand Segmentation, Portfolio Rationalisation and Supply Chain Planning.

Being confronted for years with the limitations of the tools used in the field of Supply Chain, Julien is also leading the development of innovative solutions and software, using modelling & simulation, advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to resolve complex Demand/Supply trade-offs.

In addition, Julien is a lecturer in various MBA and Masters programs in Asia, a thought leader in emerging markets industrial and logistic development, and he envisions the future of supply chain to be fully integrated and autonomous.


Urban Supply Chain

How does the future look like? And why it may not happen 

How will products reach us in the future? How will our consumption patterns shape the urban logistics of tomorrow? How should cities address this complex challenge holistically and how technology can help? What would it look like and what are the forces against such a future? We’ll try to answer these questions together and through the case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam